Ancient Rome Map Worksheet

Ancient Rome Map

Maps are very useful learning tools when one is studying history and geography. Through the years, maps have evolved to become more than physical drawings of territories or boundaries. Different maps now show different details and information pertaining not only to geography but also to socio-political and cultural considerations as well.

Take for example the Ancient Rome map that many educators now use when teaching their students in high school and even grade school. It will show the kids in school how their history has started, their culture, and different beliefs,

Folding Map Worksheets

A large stone building

This map comes with Ancient Rome Map Worksheets that students can work on as they go about learning historical details and geographical facts about the former empire. You will get to learn many things like why they believed in gods and goddesses.

Not everyone will be interested in learning about the rise and fall of Roman civilization, but the use of an Ancient Rome map that comes with a worksheet will make lessons more compelling. There are parts of the map that can be labeled and colored. There are trivia as well.

There are also modern Rome maps without worksheets that can be folded; the maps are printed with two lines, and when folded along these lines, the map will reveal the Ancient Rome map. Step-by-step instructions are included so that students will not be confused as to how they should fold the map.

Teachers make use of the Ancient Rome map worksheet and the Ancient Rome map to also develop reading and comprehension skills among their students. It helps them in many ways and also walks through the past of our world.

Maps in general make use of symbols that represent geographical features or physical landmarks that exist in the real world. Even the most basic of maps that are used for children have symbols. It is important that even at an early age, children are taught about these cartographic symbols so they can interpret information on maps. When they grow up, this can prove to be a valuable skill.

Map Reading as an Important Skill

A group of people in a field with Chichen Itza in the background

This is why in grade school, map learning, and even map-making are included in lessons. The Ancient Rome map is an effective tool to use because the historical period depicted and explained there is full of many exciting events that children will have no problem getting interested in. Teachers make use of the Ancient Rome map worksheet and the Ancient Rome map to also develop reading and comprehension skills among their students.


Our era as of today has already forgotten the importance of maps. We have the Internet now and we feel like everything is easier with just one click on your phone and computers. However, the best way to learn is still the old-fashioned way.

Teachers have been trying to incorporate maps so that kids will learn to appreciate the value of history without the Internet. This worksheet will surely support the development about their knowledge of Ancient Rome.

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